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Tom Mix Stories from Fawcett's Master Comics

Tom Mix Stories Taken From Fawcett's Master Comics:
Tom Mix Volume 1
Tom Mix Volume 2
Tom Mix Volume 3
Tom Mix and Hopalong Cassidy Stories From Fawcett Master Comics-Vol 2
# 90, 91, 97, 109, 114, 127, 130, 131

Tom Mix's film career spanned 25 years from 1910 to 1935. During that time he starred in between 300 and 400 films. An exact number is not known as few of his films exist today. Many of them have deteriorated and others were disposed of by the studios. Regardless of the precise count, Tom Mix's film output was phenomenal.
In 1940, Tom was driving alone in his custom made Cord high performance automobile when he suffered a fatal accident. He swerved at 50 miles per hour to avoid a road crew. A metal suitcase in the back of the car was flung forward and struck the Western star in the back of the head. This freak accident broke Tom's neck. Suddenly, the greatest Western star in the history of the cinema was dead at age 60.
The phenomenal popularity of Tom Mix lived on, however. The Tom Mix radio program continued through 1950... 10 years beyond his death. His comic book, began in 1947, continued until 1953, ceasing only because the publisher dropped its comic book line. Another generation grew up with Tom Mix through radio and comics.

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